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Samuijimmy's... Daily life in Thailand and what I see


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Beautiful island.Shame about the tourists!!! But if they love it too.........

Well at least my local beach is not the zoo of tourist found elsewhere on Samui wink.pngwhistling.gif

Each to their own choices!


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Thanks Jimmy, nice photos and good to be reminded of how nice it can be here. I don't get many visitors to show around, maybe time for what the Singaporeans call a 'staycation', a weekend staying at a hotel in your own country/island. Even though I don't live in a cramped public housing flat like so many Singaporeans, it can still be a fun thing to do here. If anyone won a local hotel voucher in a lucky draw and wants to sell it for a good price, just PM me!

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Thanks, Jimmy, a good idea to follow – to show the true beauty of Land-of-Smiles, and perhaps also something amazing and different – can be inspiration for many of those readers/posters looking for a temporary or permanent move, and various treads can show different parts of Thailand seen with a local expat's, not eyes, but camera-lens...smile.png

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I see Jai Dee faded halfway through!, on the likes!! laugh.png ^^^

Gotta take a break from the Forum some time mate... I do have a life you know.


Keep up the good work... great pics!

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Today, I finally stopped at a mini theme park,, I guess one would call it, it not finished yet, but undergoing a prolonged "soft opening"!

It's between Ban Tai and Maenam, Samui.... looks like a fun place for families..or even adults, young at heart! .thumbsup.gif


All kinds of little shops in there, quality of merchandise looked pretty good...


Roundabouts and waterslides...


More to come!

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Now where was I? So many interruptions tongue.png My landlady, new neighbours to meet facepalm.gif

I got so carried away earlier, I posted 16 pics in one post, then realised perhaps a few too many!

Oh yes ... amongst the Flamingos .... so 1970's


Windmills of all sorts...


Big one for DAL when he comes back to Samui!... just to make him feel at home~!


Waterslides and swimming pool


Even some of my friends hang out there....whistling.gif


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A nice afternoon at Ban Tai beach, Samui, this afternoon... lots of chicks on the beach! whistling.gif


One of my favorite beaches on Samui..


Fisherman getting ready to set his net.... and look hardly a soul around!


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You be careful


The fisherman ready now! He actually caught several fish within half an hour...


OK ....chicks on the beach.... well Bantams really....tongue.png


And you thought they would be all like this!


and there goes another day and another month!


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We had another trip to the same beach, yesterday... Ban Tai Samui

Miss funny face... yes we caught some fish!! I've no idea what type they are... small fry!



What big eyes you have.... I think about 12 caught....


Sexy old lady on the beach, giving a leg show...whistling.gif


oh darn ... the net is caught in the rocks..


So lovely at this time of year... warm water and calm seas... and not many people!


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I know same same beach... Ban Tai Samui, but the only area deep enough without going half way to Koh Phangan! facepalm.gif

Next week I have promised myself to go further afield!

I have been putting leg weights on with tube and float in 5 feet of water for about 20 minutes each day... it is helping my back, recommended by a Samui member! thumbsup.gif


Comments on my sexy leg not allowed! tongue.png


mama's giving instructions


So this is what the inside of a black sea urchin looks like... inquisitive kids need to know...


Obviously not a good taste..


Sensible adults did not try!


Some are smart..even a normal face!


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So clear yesterday too, sunset was fabulous... and a surprise because it looked like too much cloud in the west

Ban Tai beach Samui, looking toward Koh Phangan




It was the best of many in a while!



Headed home! hardly room for mama!


I nearly deleted this, but then thought it looks like a ghost melding into the rocks (the old lady who likes to show her leg!


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