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Ron19... Daily life in Thailand and what I see


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It will allow anything less than 1mb to upload, anything larger than that will not upload. Previously the limit allowed up to 7mb but something must have been changed that doesn't allow anything larger than 1mb.

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4 minutes ago, Ron19 said:

I found out where the problem is in the choose file option and have passed it on to Tech this morning.

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Seems to me something got changed, in the upload method,  there was a time around the time we did the calendar when larger images were auto resized to fit the forum page.... ?

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Came within an inch of being attacked by two of these yesterday, fortunately I won. Rottweiler cross held in one hand  and a 80cm solid waddy in the other.

Got a couple of good hits in I give you the tip. They were going to have another go today but thought better of it and kept their distance. Sent them on their way

with a couple of well placed shots with my Shanghi. No mean feat while holding a restless Rottie that wanted to get into the action.




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A section of the tables set up for a function last night to celebrate the ordination of a novice monk.

Enjoyed the evening with a fantastic meal as well as the entertainment provided by an excellent 

group who I believe came from Chiang Mai. I have some videos so I will try and find a good one to

post so you can see what you missed out on.


There is a story about how it came to be held in the grounds of the Wat. Notice three pointed roofs behind where the stage is being set up, well behind the coconut palms there is a cleared block and was where the function was to be held. There had been a lot of rain each night for the previous 3 days and it 

made it impossible for three or four trucks to get on site to off load the gear.

The decision was then made to set up in the grounds of the Wat.

I went home (which is just across  the road) at 9pm and did you notice the clouds at the top of the photo.

You guessed it, for the fourth night in a row it rained and I didn't hear a thing. I was told the rain started around 10pm.

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