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Ron19... Daily life in Thailand and what I see


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Jim had the courage so I can't let him get away with that. Here I am with Abhisit ( Suthep is in the background ) during an afternoon

exercise and toilet session.Abhisit was being a pain and all he wanted to do was go and smell the nearest bush and leave his mark

but then again he is a dog I suppose.


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Ban Mai Restaurant Phitsanulok

We have been here twice in the past 3 Months and I would recommend it to anyone passing through and looking for an enjoyable meal of

Thai fare.Very well prepared and presented dishes that are nothing like you would find in a street restaurant.

According to trip adviser, a number of people have found it hard to find but I never had that problem.Be careful if you are looking for it on google

earth as it will take you to a place on the other side of town nowhere near where it is situated.

If anyone is interested,PM me and I will give you better directions



We had a number of these and I enjoyed No 4 n this page


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Pretty posh looking place, there Ron, prices look reasonable too! thumbsup.gif

There is a photo in the foyer showing the kings daughter sitting on a sofa with the owner and his wife kneeling on pillows at each side of her.

I didn't take a shot out of respect for them.

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