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Thai Language course in Rayong


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Hi everyone, I have done a Thai language course in Rayong and want to do some more. AUA here in Rayong offers a very good course but they need at least 7 members to be enrolled. I have tried several times to get enough people to enroll but with no luck. There are 2 of us at the moment who want to get started so we need at least 5 more to get everything going. It starts with Monday and Wednesday evening 7 - 9PM and Saturday 1-3PM. I have done part of the course and it is excellent with a Thai teacher, a booklet is provided and costs only 3,600 baht for the full course of 24 hours. You can e-mail me here at [email protected],com or directly to the Administrator of the course at [email protected] Hope we can get some starters soon. Cheers, Eddie

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