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Weather in Chiang Rai region


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a little bit hazier than say a couple of days ago , but nothing to get concerned about. visibility right out to the horizon. must be heat haze , it builds up during the day.

but it aint 'alf hot. should be cooling down by now.

i'm starting to miss the rainy season already.

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Hey, if we try perhaps we can get this one to rival the "rain" thread :D

Not much haze down here, in fact, its been incredibly beautiful. It rained todayhowever. Hooray! But not enough :o .

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I wonder if it's hazy there too?

we are all trembling in anticipation of your report jai dee. :o

bit of cloud cover in hua hin today , i suspect a weather change is not too far away.

...... and just a tad hazier than yesterday.

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There is nothing to complain about here in Chiang Rai at the moment. The air is cool, clean, fresh and the sky is virginal blue, so I would almost say that this is the best time of the year.

I am actually thinking about taking the bicycle to Mae Sai to check if everything is alright there as well. That's the least I can do being moderator of this forum :D

Limbo :o

See the photo I just took from my 'office' window:


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Still hazy here. Limbo's picture does have some hill tops (not many and its hard to tell how distant) and they don't appear to be too hazy. I hope that when he's driving today he stops and takes some pictures of distant mountains.


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