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how to prepare yourself when renting a condo long term?

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Hi. I'm thinking about renting a condo here in Pattaya long term. 1 year lease. Are there things to remember when renting a condo long terms so you have your ass covered sort to speak.

Don't want to rent with an existing electric bill there and so forth......

If I'm correct, I'm renting from a Thai so.

So. How can I go about it so I won't get scammed.

And this applies to the DEPOSIT as well.

thank you


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1) Ensure you are satisfied with the Lease Agreement.

2) Electricity Bills etc - Read the Meter on the Date you move on and Pro-rata the first Bill (and last).

3) Take lots Photos of all rooms, furniture etc (specifically identifying any existing damage).

4) Have the owner / Lessor sign off on any existing damage.

5) Lease agreement should state that the Deposit (usually 2 months rent) is to be returned to the Lessee.

6) Take an inventory of all existing items.

7) Meet the owner and rely on / trust your judgement. If you are uncomfortable don't rent. Both the Lessor and Lessee have to be reasonable for a successful rental period to occur (my last tenants in Bangkok were a right royal pain in the neck - from very late payments to not wanting to pay the electricity Bill).

In reality, getting your deposit back is down to the honesty of the owner, I've never had an issue and always had my deposit returned, but there are a few horror stories around.

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Yes, check the meter and take a photo.


Turn off the electricty with the main switch and check that the meter stops completly. 


Ask how much they charge per unit. The price might be very high.


If there is a list of funiture and other stuff you need to check it very carefully. 


Check tv remote ac hot water. 


Assume that they will not repay the deposite and take it as a happy surprice if they do.


Talk o the owner / super and try to figure out if you think you can get along. Some thais dont like farang and dont really want them in their building. 

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