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my girlfriend says she cannot manage on 25000 month


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Her job is being a mother to his children. The reason she is with him is because she doesn't have to get a job! It she had to get a job why would she be with him.

I seem to recall my mother achieved both, and here in Thailand the extended family should make that somewhat easier.

She is with him for the 25k she does get, soon to be more, which helps to fill her time.

If you recall that then you should also recall your mother doesn't live in Thailand. Which has nothing to do with the Thai culture. People have this thing that Asian culture extended family is going to solve everything it helps but it is not what all thing is suppose to be?

If you haven't read the BM has made a decision as to what he plans to do. What I have got from this conversation is lots of people throw out solution they have heard or read about and think it should apply here. What I've learn from my experience it doesn't in general.


A BM, ask if I live here. My answer is I've lived here close to 15 years, 5 of those were in Sukhothai in a farm owned by my wife family. We have a son together and when we first met in Sukhothai she was 7 month pregnant. Her first husband died before she knew she was pregnant and he was bored premature with only a 50/50 chance of survival. I was there for the birth and I'm the only father he knows. Several years ago I was finally able to complete the adoption. I treat and look at him as my really son.

All the things I express and what I know the BM will experience in the future I've gone through already and much much more. I wish him the best but he needs to brace himself as to what will come.

Yes very magnanimous and heart wrenching.

But is it relevant to the OP?

Your post seems to be a particular situation you felt obliged to tell all of, but not what was asked.

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