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If you like Norwegian cheese try coating rice - preferably cold - with that 7 baht tofu that the Thais (apparently) use for miso soup. This will produce precisely that low-level of cheesiness that you find in Norwegian cheese, while boosting the protein content of the rice and allowing you to shovel it in much more easily. smile.png

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Good Steaks

Good Burgers

a bit Chinese


........and many more :)

Unfortunately I find that I do not like much Thai food. It's always so spicy and to many veggies, fish sauce, lemongrass etc. ingredients. It's always Fish, Pork or Chicken basically.

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This text sounds familiar...
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I think that it has a lot to do with where ye end up...I spent a lot of time in the middle east and the local cuisine, ingredients, etc are a favorite...in England it was the curry houses, in LA it was the dive mexican and japanese places and traditional black american bbq when I could find it...


now that I'm on my lonesome as a westerner with a kitchen and a market available in rural Thailand I incorporate all the influences in what I presently prepare...and it usually turns out OK depending on the availabilty of ingredients...



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