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Pesticides and chemicals on fruits and vegetables in Thailand


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If the so called Thai organic fruits and vegetables ranked this high in pesticides and chemicals I have great concern about everything else now . I buy so much produce from Klong Toey market weekly for juicing and smoothies . I wash and soak in salt water but now have concerns this is not enough or if there is anything one can do . It's a shame a country with such amazing fruits and vegetables destroys its product and it's people's health all because of money . I don't want to live in the states but look at Whole Foods pictures and videos of some of their new flagship stores and the fruits and vegetables look amazing . I thought it was here too but If there are that many chemicals put on fruits and vegetables here then it's just as toxic ( maybe more ) as 7-11 or the isles of processed foods in the super market . Does anyone know if there is a way to test things here you buy ? Possibly not and this is why the testing done on Thai produce was sent to another country .


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Right. It is very difficult to produce fruit and vegetables here without pesticides. If farmers could get by without them, they would. I see the main problem in the fact that I have never seen a farmer or other worker using chemicals read the instructions or take the trouble to measure accurately. No protective clothing either. Organic? A big lie in thailand.

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What is organic ? You can't use animal waste if it doesn't come from organically fed livestock etc etc. The rules and regulations and the adherence to any such R and R will depend on the country, grower and buyer / seller. If you know the farm follows fully the regs just be aware of the farm next door that doesn't.

Many of the chemicals used reside under the skin. Gone are the days when you bought an apple at the market wiped it with your hankie and bit into the skin.

Some fruits and vegetables, for example, may have their residues sealed under a coating of shelf-life extending wax.

Other have soft or waxy skins that help chemicals stick to their surfaces.

Systemic pesticides are absorbed by the plant to kill any bugs that eat them. Any washing won't remove them.

Acetic acid, the active ingredient in vinegar can be used for washing.

Glutaraldehyde is often used as is chlorine. The latter is used in meat processing factories especially chicken and duck.

I have seen hydroponic farms that use chemical sprays to kill off butterflies inside the house, the reside spray falls on the plants.

In my town there are a few people that come in the evening with just a few veg to sell, home grown and I am told organic.

Good hunting.

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On another therad, a member said that the brand "Organic Thailand" sold at Foodland is the brand with the least amoutn of pesticides 25% of the products tested.....

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When I moved to Rural Thailand I was stunned at the amount of chemicals the farmers used. For the first time in my life I felt the need to grow my own veggies as I would not buy this stuff available at the Farmers Markets.
By not using any chemicals, my yield was about 50% less than that of my neighbor Thai farmers. (The bugs just loved my veggie-garden !!
Conclusion: To make a living by growing veggies, the application of chemicals is a MUST.
One may wonder if the consumption of veggies or smoking is more harmful to ones health in Thailand. Not joking!

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