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A neighbour, now 86 years old, still fit, strong and very active. Still manages 10 hour days cutting sugar cane.

Sexy Fong

One of my favorite candid shots,of my youngest boy and our goldie.Just day dreaming away,with his best friend.      

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Such a thread shouldn't be too boring and I thought you'd like to meet Noi and Lek?.............................wub.png

Just keep it clean please! wink.png

Noi and Lek shower at least twice a day, which might be more often than some of the "well known" forum grammar cops on here who don't have the time to shower becaue they have to critizise some grammar errors.

I don't think that tthey're "smelly." Well wifey isn't reading TVF so please believe me that, they smell very good. OMG,.../?<>

Might be the Naam Hoohm. biggrin.png

Send via a well known Chinese high speed train application.

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