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Wouldnt treat a dog the way thai schools treat teachers


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None of my teaching relatives earn 40k, I know an Australian with a Phd teachng at uni and an associate professor, he only gets 44k, consider yourself lucky.


Why do they do it? Just to live in Thailand? Unless the Aussie has a trust fund or inheritance he's unlikely to be able to save for retirement. If just for a couple of years, perhaps okay.

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You've had it easy for a decade, now the school realizes that they have been overpaying you all these years, and want to put it right. Who can blame them? Put in a proper day's work, 8 to 4, like most other teachers here, take your very reasonable 40k, and stop complaining. Be thankful for all those sweet years that you had. Like others, I must remark on your lack of English Language skills. Maybe you wrote in a hurry, but really there is no excuse.

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I stil have 60 g part time so whos da nobhead eat [email protected]@t

Just to put you straight as you should already know this as a person and especially as a teacher.

The use of 'g' in reference to money is used to describe 1000 (dollars) and has no relevance in relation to Thai baht

I still make 60g part time is like saying you make 60,000 dollars part time.

Last I checked the baht wasn't a dollar.

Those poor unfortunate children.

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@Binden. Usually, there will be a notice period for changes to the contract.

Q: were you paid for those 3 months' holidays? Perhaps you will have to take the non-payment into account when you state that you have been earning "100 g". (An amount I can only dream of. And AFAIK, most chalkies here would be lusting after your main job @ 60 k).

You get, what you negotiate. I would bottle up emotions and strike a deal at a lower wage. The director may not want to lose you. And I doubt you would be able to find a similar deal anywhere!!

Don't rub it in - some are working full-time at 25 k. But then, there is more to a job than the salary. Location? Freedom? Paperwork like 7-page lesson plans?

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