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male German shephard needed

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Hi everybody,

a friend of mine recently lost his male dog of 4 1/2 years and now the she dog (same age) is lonely and him, too I guess

He has had dogs all his life and I know that he is taking care of them very well, he is with them all the time, he lets the vet check them on a regular base etc.

He is living in Chiangmai. Checked the local dog market already but you don't know where the dogs come from and some sellers don't look very trustworthy.

We knew a trustworthy shepherd breeder in the north but he disappeared.

Advice would be much appreciated. It does not need to be near Chaingmai. Thank you in advance

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thank you. He will check that forum - but I think he is interested in another German shepherd same as the one who died and the she dog he has.

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No breeder in Chaingmai at the moment. Nearest trust breeders are in Chiang Rai.

A friend of mine just has litter in Chiang rai. Will PM you his contact detail.

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