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It's all aboard for the Pattaya to Pranburi sea ferry


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It's all aboard for the Pattaya to Pranburi sea ferry

Image: Thai Tribune

BANGKOK: -- It's all systems go for the Pattaya to Pranburi ferry - 1000 baht per person or 3000 for a car - taking just 90 minutes. Up to 2.8 million passengers are expected to use the full service annually.

The company that will run the service has said that 15 billion baht will be invested for its operation.

Journey time is expected to be one and a half hours. Foot passengers will be charged 1,000 baht with a car costing 3,000 baht.

There will be 16 trips a day with each able to carry 400 people, 30 cars and 12 motorbikes reported Thai Tribune. The journey will be 109 kilometers by sea compared to 380 kms by road slashing the road journey time by three hours.

The operation will be run by SEP group (Siam Eastern Industrial Park Co.) who will set up two subsidiaries to run the service itself and the three terminals.

Terminals will be built at Pattaya (Ban Ampher), Bang Pu (K-City) in the Samut Prakarn area and Pranburi (Pak Nam).

Four mid size catamaran style ferries will be used.

In addition to the direct service between the eastern seaboard and Pranburi there will also be 20 trips a day plying the Pranburi - Bang Pu - Pattaya route.

Project manager Pirapong Prasopsukcharoen said that the project will be a boon not just for tourism coffers but the overall economy expecting it to add 16.5 billion baht to the economy and 1.8 million baht to labour markets.

Plans had originally been mooted in the Yingluck Shinawatra government days but these have now been fast tracked.

Investment will come from SEP as well as other Thai and foreign investors. Some 15 billion baht will be used to build the three terminals and provide the ferries. Siam Eastern Logistics Co will be set up to run the ferry services themselves while Siam Easter Logistics Terminal Co will run the ports. After 30 years the ports will come into the hands of the state.

In addition to the weight of passengers and vehicles, 40 tons of other goods will be able to be carried.

No date has yet been set for the start of the operation.

Source: Thai Tribune

-- 2016-06-01

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The Captain is required to be a strong swimmer.

How else can he perform the inevitable ".....fled the scene of the accident"?


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Again? They seem to rattle this one out ever three /four years or so though in the past with Hua Hin as the destination.....

Sadly doomed for failure yet again at those prices. I know many folks (Both Thai and Western) who would rather spend the best part of a day and a few hundred Baht going to the South via BKK on the road than spend that sort of brass.

Far better to run a few 'chugging' slow boats taking the bast part of a day to cross the gulf at a realistic price. Shows how deluded, out of touch and totally removed from reality the people in charge of such things are....well they're heading for a huge financial disaster soon enough.....

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I think they will struggle with this price. Perhaps offering 500 baht economy seating and 800 - 1,000 for business class type seating might work.

Otherwise the target of 'up to' 7,600 passengers per day might be a little out of reach.

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1000thb? 3000thb? So. 5 people in 1 car is 8000? Or just 3000 ? If it's 8000 it's ridiculous!

....Then add in the rip-off taxi or kamakaze minibus prices to get from Pranburi to Hua Hin.

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Assuming that the 7.8 million passengers they expect is per year, that's over 21,000 people daily will cross the waters? That seems a tad high.

And, having to get to Ban Amphur to catch the ferry, and then from Pranburi to Hua Hin once you get there -- have they thought through the logisitics of the ferry from a passenger point of view?

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Surely that boat in the photo can't take 30 cars?!

And traveling 109 km in 90 minutes = 73 km/hour average? Unlikely.

Trust a farang to scrutinise the numbers and cause disunity in the Kingdom. AA invitation on its way for you! 1zgarz5.gif

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