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Mr Kie

Start a mixed farm in Isaan

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Hi Mr. Kie,

thanks for your update. your story inspired us to start a similar chicken-barn project. Recently got the first 50 layers at 18 weeks old. The eggs start coming now. although small and low count, it is just 3 weeks after their arrival. Got a barn of around 44m2 and are working now on an adjacent meadow of 300m2 for free-ranging. Also planning on using the chicken-poop to fertilize our land and get the chicken-food from this.


A slight difference in the setup is, that we cover the ground in the barn with hay (grasses cut from our own land) and going to exchange it, probably every week (as soon as the layers are increase to 200) as a poop collection system. This then will be aged for a couple of months.


Tried to get r.i.r. chickens but all that was available, as far as I could find, where hybrids.

Please continue with your updates. Thanks very much for all of this.


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