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Python fights King Cobra in Krabi temple but monks split them up!


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Python would have been looking to eat the chickens. King Cobra would have been wanting to eat the python. King Cobras eat snakes, but nice to see they were released unharmed.

Absolutely correct, the king Cobra's scientific name is 'Ophiophagus Hanna', and Ophiophagus is derived from Greek meaning 'Snake Eater'.

However, you have to accept that the level of research by Thai news sources is somewhere between low to none existent, I have even read news reports of Anacondas which are native to South America being caught in Thailand, even though the accompanying pictures showed a Reticulation Python.

There are a lot of Anacondas in Thailand (seriously!) I know quite a few people who own and breed them. Very possible that some have escaped.

Just like the Black mambas that escaped a couple of years ago.....! I didn't know there were anacondas in Thailand although in private collections ?!?!?

thx for the info !


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That Python is lucky, Cobra's are deadly burp.gif

A King Cobra only eats other snakes.( mostly other cobras) If she (females are normally the large ones) wasn't there looking for the python then there are other cobras in the area that she is hunting

She must then be a Queen Cobra ?

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