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Phuket Airport runs tsunami evacuation drill

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Phuket Airport runs tsunami evacuation drill

PHUKET, 9 June 2016 (NNT) – Phuket International Airport has held an annual tsunami evacuation drill to demonstrate the airport’s readiness to provide passengers and staff with assistance if an emergency situation arises, according to the airport director.

The Phuket International Airport General Manager Monrudee Gettuphan said the airport has carried out its annual Tsunami Evacuation Drill for 2016, in accordance with the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Plan BE 2558. The drill's objective was to ensure that airport staff are knowledgeable on emergency protocols, stand ready to handle the situation, and test officials' readiness in case of an unexpected scenario.

The drill simulated the detection of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, with the epicenter located at the Nicobar Islands 460 kilometers away from Phuket Airport, along with a possible tsunami threat forcing the airport to evacuate passengers and staff to a safe zone in front of Phuket Air Catering Company, located 1.4 kilometers away from the airport.

The airport’s general manager disclosed that safety is the airport management staff's priority in order to create confidence among passengers, airlines, entrepreneurs, and airport staff themselves.

She said that the airport was aware of the importance readiness in handling emergency situations. Safety drills are scheduled to take place every year with varying mock situations to continue to enhance staff support and rescue skills, and to ensure that related staff are aware of their crucial roles in case of an emergency.

-- NNT 2016-06-09 footer_n.gif

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