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You can get only business visa on arrival. You will need LOI and local company registration. 50$ for 70 days. If you are Thai, you can get visa exemption for 14 days on arrival

If you are not Thai and need a tourist visa, the easiest way is to get online visa which is easy and fast as mentioned above

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Yes but he does not mention his travel purpose. If he is going for work or business, his local company / partner knows the process. They will provide him a LOI and company registration and he will be able to get a business visa on arrival. If he is going for tourist purpose, best option is the online visa or even Myanmar consulate

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If anyone needs to get a tourist visa quickly, ie the same day, it can be done.

Go to the street that runs beside the old Mynamar Embassy. Walk about 100m up the street away from the Embassy building until you see a small “outdoor office” in the street.

Ask them for an application form, fill it in, have your photo taken and hand over 2,800 baht.

Go back between 16.00 - 20.00 the same day, and collect your passport with visa.

Lady speaks good English, they have their own camera, photocopier etc etc.


Enjoy life, whilst you can!

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