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Whats your "Dating Criteria" ?

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Not looking for a guy to support the entire family.

Mother Dead or out of the picture helps.

Realizes the earth is not flat.

Speaks decent English.

Not an ex hooker

Has a job.

Not glued to a smart phone.No FB or hates it even half as much as I do.

Likes to cook and wants to learn how to cook international food.

No tatoos.Lighter skin tone but not addicted to whitening creams and lotions or terrified of the sun.......

Took a bit of time to find her. I kept getting sidetracked.

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#1 Looking for money

#2 Happy with 1500 all in ST

#3 Arrives on time and leaves promptly

#4 Does not bother me with talk of sick relatives

or water buffaloes. tongue.pngtongue.pngtongue.pngwhistling.gif

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