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My Cost of Living. Documented.

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how much was spent on obtaining the tracker software itself?

after trying heaps, I took a step back and settled back on good old MS Money.

It's free, and it's looking after all that spent, and good for extrapolating future budgetting over multiple countries and Exchange Rates for next upcoming round-the-worlder

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Budget for one person

Monthly income in 70000 Thai Baht:

Accommodations / Utilities: 12000 Thai Baht

Transportation: 4000 Thai Baht

Food: 12000 Thai Baht

Alcohol, Tobacco and Caffeine: 15000 Thai Baht

Laundry: 3000 Thai Baht

Out of Pocket Health Care: 5000 Thai Baht

Entertainment: 11100 Thai Baht

Reading and Education: 800 Thai Baht

Personal Care Products: 1000 Thai Baht

Insurance: 3100 Thai Baht

Miscellaneous: 3000 Thai Baht

I save 0,00 Thai Baht per month.

Reading and Education...800 Bht. The only thing below 1000bht...cheesy.gif

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WOW a new member, joined 38 minutes ago and first post are about how much the spend in a month in Thailand, very curious indeed, given its these sorts of threads normally result in lots of posts and battles of the cheap charlies, which it seems hasnt happened in a while it appears

Imagine that; you sign up as a new member on a forum and inside 38 minutes flat, some plank with nothing else going on in his life is already stalking your profile

Gotta love Thaivisa

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I can't believe he spends four times as much on "shopping" than on alcohol - unless it's shopping for tarts and crumpet; and he's getting good value, eating out for that amount....

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Purpose of this stupid thread?

Idle banter, I suppose. Have you ever made polite conversation?

Spurting out ones "spend" (unbidden,unasked) is not polite.

It's rather vulgar.

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