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Angry uni student murdered girlfriend and put her six feet under in the woods


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Angry uni student murdered girlfriend and put her six feet under in the woods


Image: Daily News

NAKORN SRI THAMMARAT: A fourth year university student was angry with his girlfriend over a necklace and rejection. Then instead of taking her home he took her into the woods before murdering and burying her.

Police in the Thung Yai area of Nakorn Sri Thammarat announced the arrest of 22 year old Thatapong Phromchaisri on Saturday. Thung Ya police took the fourth year agricultural student into the woods behind his house where he pointed to the spot where he buried his girlfriend Pornthidarat, 23. (No surname was supplied)

Pornthidarat was at the same university but had finished her course and was awaiting her diploma presentation ceremony. She was found in the two meter deep hole in a state of decomposition, bruised all over with blood coming from her nose.

Thatapong told police that he had given his girlfriend of seven months a five baht gold necklace that she had pawned for 70,000 baht saying she needed to help a friend with bail money. When she had not given the money back they met at his mother's house on July 3rd to resolve the issue. An argument broke out in which the deceased is alleged to have said that she wanted to split up with Thatapong.

He said he would take her home on his motorbike. Instead he drove her into the woods and kicked her in the throat knocking her unconscious. He then strangled her with his bare hands until blood came from her nose and she was dead.

He told police he then kicked her lifeless body three times in the back for good measure. He later dug a hole and buried her before going back to the university.

The girl was reported missing by relatives and eventually the boyfriend broke down and admitted his crime after a long interrogation.

He was detained for prosecution and the body was sent for detailed autopsy.

Source: Daily News

-- 2016-07-16

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Bloody disgusting piece of trash.

What is wrong with young men here?

Girlfriend says no, rejects him so he sees the only thing to do is kill her.

T his country has far too many mummies boys, spoilt little shits who cannot take rejection.

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Why most Thai men are immature and wild about love. They act like animals. They need to kill to resolve issues.

Partner killing is no1 in the murder stakes world wide, not just Thai men

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