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Thais furious as 'farang' woman parades in her undies at Phuket temple


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ohmybuddha, if you look closely, you can see her blue undies!!!!


Here's one of the things which really burn my biscuit re; Thai temples:


Besides gambling monks, monks buying expensive cars and not paying taxes, monks coercing young boys and girls for sex, .......




It's loud. It's repetitive.  It can be heard throughout a 5 sq.Km radius from temple (thousands of people are compelled to listen).  Regarding a newly built temple near my house near Chiang Rai:  there's an 18 second tape loop blasted loudly ASKING FOR DONATIONS (and recommending various baht amounts).   2,000 times per hour, sometimes running 9 hours per day, that nearly 20,000 very loud repetitions begging for money each day, every day.   THAT'S  THE SORT OF THING WHICH SHOULD OFFEND BUDDHIST THAIS. .....not some farang chick wearing a thin dress.

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So some good Buddhists took pictures to send to the authorities to call for action, while some watched them secretly at home when wife went shopping.


       It could have been worse in form of a 279 kg American "girl'.....

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This is such a non story. She should have been told, end of issue. Thai people do far worse things against their religion every day. But here we are in a forum suggesting she be put in a cell overnight..... farang bashers with too much time on their hands. A close Thai friend was a monk for 2 years and the stories of indiscretions he can tell makes the Catholic Church look positively holy

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1 hour ago, English 1 said:

Oh come on and get real do you really think that anyone would be TRULY furious about this!?  NO is the answer.



Sure, I know my wife would be.

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1 hour ago, Thaijack2014 said:

True bars and nightclubs are in great numbers, but that doesn't mean that temples should be a showcase of stupid farangs who don't know how to behave OUTSIDE a bar.... and if not all of these farangs are aware of their behaviour, I think Thai authorities should point it out with a night in a cell or a hefty fine...

Gone native, have you?


Of course sometimes people, while visiting another country make mistakes.


But if you think yourself better as some of us living in or visiting this country and visiting bars, go ahead, feel superior.


But, don't forget, most of us living in Thailand and trying to adapt to different values and a very different culture, think your negative, "hate ourselves" reaction, is not only very politically correct but most of all very stupid.






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1 hour ago, cumgranosalum said:

it would be nice if they worried as much about how their country was run as they do about other people's underwear.


You're welcome to go back to your home if you arent happy with the Thai's jailed for speaking out against the governement


They really don't need an extra whiny farang discrediting them.


I still don't understand why the modding team allows nothing negative on this forum, unless its Thai bashing.

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