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We ask for justice -  British man and Thai wife seek justice after losing 14 million baht


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We ask for justice -  British man and Thai wife seek justice after losing 14 million baht



Image: tnamcot


PATTAYA: -- A British man and his Thai wife have called for justice after they lost out on a land deal.


Philip Coghlan, 66, and his wife Sommai had bought land and erected an expensive house with swimming pool and maid's quarters on the property. 


But on the day they moved in they found out to their horror that the land was to be compulsorily purchased to build a new road.



Image: Sanook


There was nothing they could do - but instead of receiving their money back they have been given 9 million baht. This was after they invested 23 million baht.


They complained to the relevant authorities and have been told bluntly that all they can do is appeal the figure they have been offered.


They bought the land from a local "Phoo Yai Ban" (village elder) in the Banglamung area of Chonburi who assured them that there would be no road going through that area.


"The Thai people are great and it is lovely to live in Thailand," Philip told reporters. "We just ask for fairness in this matter and a fair valuation of the land".


Sources: tnamcot, Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-08-25
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Exclusive: British expat caught up in Huay Yai property nightmare speaks out




The British man at the centre of a dispute with local officials after the land which his house is built on was subject to a compulsory purchase order has today contacted Thaivisa regarding his plight.


The story of Mr Coghlan, a retired British policeman, and his wife Sommai, was covered in numerous Thai news outlets on Thursday after they were told their dream home in Huay Yai, near Pattaya, would have to be knocked down in order to make way for a new road.


In statement given to Thaivisa via email, Mr Coghlan said: 


"I’d like to set the record straight in relation to the recent publication on Thai Visa. 


“Approximately 5 years ago we sold a property in the same area and decided that we would buy a further plot of land, 12 Rai to be precise.  Where we could setup our new dream home, this home was designed by myself to take in our love of dogs and completed with a music studio both retirement hobbies we enjoy. 


As a result of this the land that we purchased in an isolated part of Huay Yai was ideal. On purchasing the land and documentation through the land office, there was no suggestion of a motorway. On submission of the architect plans and drawings, the local authority passed all plans allowing us to commence building the home. 


At no stage were we told there were plans for an 8 lane motorway. The house took approximately 18 months to build, when shortly after completion we were visited by the government officials to inform us that they had decided to move the motorway from its original plan to go through our new home. 


This plan for a motorway has been discussed for approximately 15 years and we believed that the route had already been decided approximately 7KM from our land.


As you can imagine our hearts and feelings were destroyed but we accept that Thailand needs to develop and we live to accept it. During the past four years we have submitted every document that we possess and have been asked to provide, that includes Chanote, Land Title deeds, BOQ, government building permits with all associated tax and vat registered receipts. 


Only two weeks ago we were told that the value of our home estimated by the authorities was 9 million THB this is for the home only, we have previously been paid for the land and we have no issues with this.


The reason why my wife took the initiative to contact the TV outlet was to highlight the fact that we believe the calculation was simply a mistake and we ask for a re-calculation. 


I felt it necessary to write to you as I am clearly upset and disturbed by some of the comments that have been levelled at my wife and I. 


In some cases suggesting our home was built via illicit gains. I served in the British Police service 28 years, I am proud of the fact that I received 11 commendations, A Prestigious award from the humane life association and retired with a police long service and good conduct medal. 


On retiring from the police service I took on the role as team leader for the British International Rescue Association, where I led teams throughout the world in natural disasters saving lives. 


You can imagine how I feel to read some of the incorrect adverse comments by some of the Thai Visa members who have been either ill-informed misguided or simply vindictive."


Mr Coghlan spoke to Thaivisa on the condition of us disabling comments on this thread.

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