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Expanding Vs Moving Chiang Mai Airport

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And then, what airline actually wants to fly big planes all the way to Europe from Chiang Mai.. I'm not sure the market is there..

I might be naive, but I feel rather sure the market will be there, maybe not next year, but within the next ten years at least.

Thailand is still on the way up as a tourist nation, and people who return (of which there are MANY) are bound to come to the North at one point - eventually they get bored of the beaches - some of them will return, and some of them will retire here or try to make a living otherwise.

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> Were'nt there rumours of direct-to-Europe flights , a couple of years ago ?

Heck, there were rumours of a large SUBWAY/UNDERGROUND or LIGHT RAIL network in Chiang Mai a couple of years ago..! I assume that you too read the BKKPost crapola and added up the numbers and then came to the conclusion that even if the COMPLETE population of Chiang Mai would use the thing EVERY DAY, then they's STILL not break even in anyone's lifetime! ;-)

Anyway, if TG can't fill Amsterdam to Bangkok, why would they be able to fill Amsterdam to Chiang Mai I wonder.. Not everyone wants to go to Chiang Mai, strange as it may seem to us. :o



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Anyway, if TG can't fill Amsterdam to Bangkok, why would they be able to fill Amsterdam to Chiang Mai I wonder..

A more convenient route for smuggling methamphetamines out of Burma, perhaps? :o Amsterdam is the reloading and logistics centre for distributing all manner of illicit substances and plants out into the rest of Europe...

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Of course there's also the Wing 41 airforce land.. A huge plot that could be used for all the parking & terminal buildings ever needed.. then a replacement military airport could be built somewhere else..

But noooo.. military 'owns' the land.. not the government/people apparently. Same with that silly but very convenient road for which I now finally have a sticker on my windshield so I can pass it.. ;-)

There is already an underused runway up near Mae Rim that could easily be used, with a few modifications and support enhancements, by Wing 41 and their Broncos and whatever else they might fly .

And it is not the "military" that owns the land but the generals who happen to be in positions of power at the time who claim title to the land and who are hoping for huge kickbacks. No different than the useless Air Force base at Don Muang where the generals get a nice cash flow from the golf course not to mention being able to provide jobs for their remote in-laws to drive taxis out of the civilian side of the airport and keep the wife happy in spite of the mia noi.

Happy Trails


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I have been very reliable information that the airport is definatley going to be extended and that the final plans for the extension were approved two weeks ago, and it IS so that they can get flights bound for europe out

Who told me this? The developer that is buiding my house, does not bother me as I have lived under the Heathrow and Brize Norton flightpaths before I moved to LOS, but he should knowas it will affect his house sales (oh and he told me after we had paid the deposit on the land) Mai Pben Rai :o

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