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On 9/15/2016 at 3:40 PM, dontoearth said:

     You are 100% right!  However, It is not that Americans are looking for the easy way and the pills and the operations.  They are NOT EVER given any other options.   In the US doctors are not allowed to prescribe exercise or diet and the vast majority do not even try to give good advice.   They need to get to the next patient.  The US doctor starts with your diagnosis and then prescribes a treatment.  They do not tell you why you are sick!  And they do not make any lifestyle recommendations that might alleviate your medical problem.    

       It is almost impossible to get a doctor to work with you on lowering blood pressure or diabetes medications.   They are not trained to do that and don't want to get into that type of treatment as it is NOT approved by the AMA.  In fact, some will violently right in huge letters that you are refusing treatment on your medical file.  They think you are trying to draw them into a lawsuit for medical malpractice.   If the doctor insist you take the drugs or get the surgery he has done his job.  He is within the legal requirements necessary for his profession. 

       We really need to rethink this carefully. 



If peoplr were spending less time on stupid Facebook and try to learn something, they would know. No more excuse since Internet exists !

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