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A nice "farang" and Thai hangout place in Sisaket....

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  Sawasdee khrap,  :wai:


                  Good news ( not really news, seems to exist for a few months already) for people who live in, or near Sisaket. There's a nice place called "Leo's bar"? ( or restaurant?) 


         My wife and I were there a couple of times now and it's really an oasis in the desert of Sisaket's cuisine. We just came back after a superb pizza the way I like it. With my big Leo and my wife's drink the bill was under 400 baht. 


         The place is really fantastic, there's an outside area where smokers can have a fag, inside air conditioned, plenty of good Thai and farang food and the owner and employees are decent people. Well, some female employees might make your eyes move around a bit and your wife, or gf very angry......men are men and the food for men's eyes is free of charge...:facepalm:



        It's pretty easy to find. Let's say you come from Ubon and drive into Sisaket. Make a left turn before "Wat Si Luang", ( the yellow temple), go straight for about 800 meters and you'll see the place on the left hand side.


   Plenty of parking places make it easy to have an eye on your car, or scooter.....:) 


     It's only a few meters before " P.K. Travel", a place that sells airplane tickets and some teachers used to live there in one of their rooms they rent out. 


             A huge flat screen TV where I saw the first 20 minutes of MUN against M city. Many Thais come in which is only a positive sign to me. Excellent furniture and the right environment make it to a special place. It's in town, but at a nice location without a lot of traffic, just in case if you've got kids with you. 


            It's really worth to try and I'm glad to have such a place to go to from time to time. I'm not making any advertisement for this place, I'm only happy to have such a place in town.


               Cheers- :thumbsup:





























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7 hours ago, Jai Dee said:

A troll post and replies have been removed from this thread.


 Thanks a lot. 

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Kudo's for Leo's. And you might just be lucky enough to meet "Little Leo" himself that is sure to start your dining experience with a big smile!!

Yes, I can agree about the food and eye candy!

Leo's is also the only place in all of Thailand that I have found where I can choose my favorite choices of West Coast IPA beers including a long time favorite called The Arrogant Bastard IPA.


Want to mention another of my  long-time favorite Pub & Restaurant also in Sisaket a few blocks away on "Walking Street" is the World Famous "Cuckoo's Nest Pub and Grub" with "kickin" Huge Bar-BQ Ribs on Sunday Night during the night street market, and some very authentic Mexican dishes that pop my taste buds. Plus a hamburger and pizza that have turned my young Thai Son into a full fledged half American in the past 3 years. You can even exercise your sleepy farang brain taking part in the weekly Pub Quiz at the Nest. 


Sisaket has really changed in the past 4 years to be a more interesting city for us farangs and even has a great soccer team!! 


Yea Sisaket ONON :)




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