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Sea gypsies march to submit letter to PM


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Sea gypsies march to submit letter to PM

Kritsada Mueanhawong




PHUKET:-- Hundreds of sea gypsies and community activists today marched to Phuket’s Rajabhat University in an attempt to petition the prime minister during his visit to the campus today. 

The gypsies had gathered at Rassada Municipality Office earlier in the morning and then marched to the university, where Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha was meeting with Phuket industry leaders, but they were stopped by authorities at midday.

Security personnel allowed only five representatives from the sea gypsy delegation into the university's conference room to submit a letter addressed to PM Prayuth.


Full Story: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Sea-gypsies-march-submit-letter-PM/65579?desktopversion#ad-image-0

-- © Copyright Phuket Gazette 2016-09-16
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