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Do Thai people hate Indian food?


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A Thai friend of mine who's lived in Australia for 25 years hated Indian curries with the usual Thai reason - "too sweet" - when he first arrived. Now he'll eat an Indian curry as often as not when offered multiple choices (including Thai) in a local food court there

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On 9/22/2016 at 6:42 AM, bamukloy said:

A true Isaanite will not even consider to have a taste, out of principle.


An average Bangkokian may taste half a teaspoon before gagging.


Bangkokian from wealthy family will eat the whole table.


ps. The latter be 25kg heavier than

former ;0) 

Well when Issan goes to India and Thai resturants are as rare as a clean dunny,they have to eat Indian tucker and surprise,surprise,they like it.

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On 24/09/2016 at 9:58 AM, Oxx said:

I suspect there is also an aspect that many Thai people look down on Indians, some even viewing them as "khaek" - guests who have outstayed their welcome.


However, Japanese and Koreans are respected, making their food more "acceptable".

I'm pretty sure 'khaek' just has two meanings, by coincidence it means both guest and an Indian / middle Eastern appearing person. It isn't meant to imply that they're guests that overstayed their welcome or that they should leave. 


In the same way that farang just happens to mean both Caucasian / white appearing person, and guava fruit. 


You're correct many look down on Indians though. When I asked a Thai girl why, she replied that Indians 'smell bad'.


Which has some truth to it, and is linked to the cuisine - the ingredients in Indian food seep out of the pores and give a person a distinctive odor. 

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I figured out one thing most Thai people obviously not like is the cumin in many Indian dishes.

I would agree with this, the scent of cumin is not really used in Thai cuisine and is the reason so many Thais think Indian people smell bad. Sometimes justified, mostly not. Same as any race.

Having said that my ex-gf used to eat any Indian food I cooked... Jalfrezi, bhuna, dopiaza, vindaloo, rogan Josh, etc. Loved mexican chili, homemade pizzas, various forms of ragu and pasta - all down to personal preference.
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Well, I did like the OP and took my GF to one of the Indian places, near soi 11, on Sukhumvit. She could eat, reluctantly, her main complaint being the taste of lamb, which is unfamiliar for most Thais.


Now, 9 years later she cooks some of the best Indian food I can get in Thailand. She just picks up the recipes on the web, and delivers.


Her pasta, steaks, etc.. are terrific too.  Must say I am quite proud of her, 9 years, two beautiful girls, a diploma in IT and a degree in communications. Managed to keep her busy.

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