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Video: Foreign bikers gang up on Thais in shocking Pattaya violence

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Video: Foreign bikers gang up on Thais in shocking Pattaya violence



Image: tnamcot


PATTAYA: -- CCTV has captured the moments when a burly gang of beefy foreign bikers attacked two young Thai men.


The tattooed foreigners attack the Thais with boots flying to the head, reported tnamcot.


Then when the Thais escaped the attack a chase ensued and further damage was done elsewhere.


Now the police are hunting for the bikers amid concerns they may flee the country.


Reporters were contacted by a well known trader who runs a curry rice shop in the area of the Wat Monkhon temple in South Pattaya after the attack on two of her grandchildren aged 22 and 24.


The Thai men said that they were eating in the soi when a black vehicle collided with one of their motorbikes knocking it over. So they gave chase to confront the people in the vehicle and saw it stop outside a beer bar near the end of the estate.


Four foreign men emerged and started attacking them. People tried to stop the confrontation but the foreigners continued with boots flying.


When the Thais escaped they were chased to another area where further damage was done to a motorcycle and trash can.


The youths took the CCTV to the police who said they were investigating the incident.


Source: tnamcot

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-09-22
WARNING!! Graphic content
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