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Thai police visiting foreigners at home, asking for yet more personal info via new controversial form


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4 minutes ago, Krungbin said:

"Lot of helpful information here" Where is "here" please...?

this is all very simple


a lot of this info they are asking for they already have so no biggie, as for the info that they may not have or you don't wish to provide - just write whatever you feel like because there is no way for them to know any different and no means for them to investigate, it is all pretty much stupid nonsense and more paper wasted


As someone has already suggested above - all they have to do is finger print everyone that enters the country and if they are already here with no print on file then have them do it when visiting immigration ......................................the only downside to this is that they would have to spend a considerable amount of money to provide such a system and maintain it, as for those on overstay and hiding out, well there are ways to deal with that

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same same Sanpatong.. two years ago.  but uniformed... surprise visits about 5 times at my home but in late mornings only... kept wanting to see my wife.... then the last time I saw him he showed me some paperwork for another farlang, a local Canadian.... showing me all kinds of that farlangs personal information.. and then he said goodbye and never showed up again nor ever got any paperwork from me or my wife.  2 years ago. 

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3 hours ago, PattayaBoy said:

What a joke

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Does thailand want foriengers spending their money here or not. Tell the police to go ask or get info from immagration. For f***s sake what is thailand scarred of. Goes down south and get the bombers if have nothing better to do. We foriengers have had enough well i have. I only stay cos i love my wife and not easybto get all back to uk

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10 minutes ago, Chicog said:


No, it's her real husband.

Or as you know him, "my brudder".



Yes, the "husband of wife" question refers to the Thai bloke your wife is really married to, who is the most likely suspect when you are found gunned down in a banana plantation with your hands tied behind your back.


So by answering this question, and the one about skin color and scars, the BiB can swiftly:


a ) identify you as the victim and,

b ) extort a small sum of money from the husband of your wife, to have your death ruled a suicide.

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2 hours ago, MalandLee said:

Love Thailand, been coming since 1967, several months a year since 1990 and now retired here. I am starting to feel UN-welcome here and I never felt that before.

It is the new improved Thailand under the steady hand of the junta: Distrust those who are educated, those who are not Thai and those who have a different point of view.  The truncheon in lieu of  conversation.   Not sure if Thailand will ever be the place it was.

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about 2-3 weeks back, I had immigration show up, and asked my wife is the "falang that is registered to this home still lives at the house?"


I was in the house but in another room, and I didn't even know they were at the house.


  She asked them if they would like to see me, and she grabbed a leash, so's to control me as she paraded me around the house.   (OK that part is embellished)


Any how the IO's said it wouldn't be necessary to see me, and asked how much our family monthly budget expenditures was.


(I am not sure why they asked that)


They then took a photo of the ID section of my passport and left.




The stranger thing was, about an hour after immigration left, some folks from "customs" showed up, asking about a box from China my wife had shipped in 2 years ago.   They wanted to know the contents, value of the contents, when the box was shipped in etc etc.   She answered their questions, and said that her accounting of the box, matched their records....   and they then left.






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I once wrote my name as "Mickey Mouse" in a visitors log for a conference here in Thailand, the ladies at the desk didn't react at all.......


Anyway these are surely different government police organisations doing different jobs, one is immigration and the other apparently something about transnational crime division. So they can't just centralize their database and anyhow one organisation for sure thinks the other organisation has the wrong data so they need to get the data themselves, and some data is specific to their organisation. Soon we will have ministry of defense going around doing the same out of defense concerns, and then there will be the counter terrorism dept. and after that the department of labor doing the same.....:smile:

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I recognize that a "host country" has the right to govern their sovereign territory. However, couldn't they be a bit wiser. All this information is already available to government, they just need to put their effort in getting immigration, the banks, the phone company, street cams, motor vehicle, Driving License computer entered information gathered. You know...secretly like my own country does. Wait...what?...I find a benefit in US spying on its citizens? Hmmm.....


At what point, Thailand, does your rightful gathering of information become harassment of foreign residents? I hope the embassies step in and meet with Thai government officials to question the need and make some suggestions as to how the needed information might be odtained without seeming so intrusive.

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