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Car driver has a close shave - after taking her husband for a haircut!


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Car driver has a close shave - after taking her husband for a haircut!



Image: Thairath


BANGKOK: -- A woman who had brought her husband for a haircut watched in horror as their car was dragged 100 meters down the road by a 22 wheel truck.


The truck ended up demolishing a shop house and damaging two other motorbikes. a woman was taken to hospital but there were no deaths in the incident, reports Thairath.


Meanwhile the driver admitted to having "just one drink" and was sent to have his alcohol limit tested. He has already been charged with negligence.


The accident happened Tuesday on Pahonyothin Road in front of the temple of Wat Mae Ka Huay Khian in  Payao province in the north of Thailand.


Kanyalak Intherng, 55, told Mae Ka police that she had driven her Honda car to the area to take her husband for a haircut. 


The container lorry came round a corner at speed and hit her car dragging it almost 100 meters down the road. She said the driver looked drunk.


Jiraporn Munla was taken to hospital before police arrived.


Truck driver Phanom Sommuang, 47, a Mukdahan native, told police that he was driving from Bangkok to the Chinese border via Chiang Khong to pick up a consignment of fruit.


He said he had stopped for a spot of lunch. With his "laab” he had had just one bottle of alcohol and some red bull.


He said the front right tire burst and what with the rain it caused him to lose control of his vehicle and collide with the car and shop house.


He was detained and charged with negligence. He was sent to hospital to check his alcohol level. If over the limit there will be further charges to face, said police.


Source: Thairath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-10-05
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Time to rebuild the tin shacks.  



Not much evidence of 'corners' at that location. Pretty straight, he must have been struggling to open his Red Bull bottle. Right front tyre bursts, slightly drunk and of course the damned rain. Recipe for disaster.

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3 hours ago, ballpoint said:

What is it with Red Bull and dragging vehicles down the street? 

Dont you know Red Bull give you wings but in this case I guess the truck was to heavy

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