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What TEFL course is needed to teach in Thailand?


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3 minutes ago, KhonKaenKowboy said:

well, if you have a pulse, a degree, and are willing to work for four USD per hour....you are certainly qualified to teach English in LOS.


Unfortunately any old degree will not enable a teaching licence to be issued even if someone has pulse and is fool enough to work for $4/hour. They would be better off staying home flipping burgers for $10/hour ! :smile:

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2 minutes ago, 2road said:

I forgot to mention, I am an American and I have a degree in Economics, I worked in Accounting



BBA Management for me, minor in Econ.  I think they give a re-hash of Maslow in the TEFL courses...must have been through that <deleted> 5 times in Business School.

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5 hours ago, 2road said:

So what is simpler, get a TEFL here in Thailand and teach here or look for work where TEFL is not actually necessary to obtain legal employment?

TEFL is NOT necessary to obtain legal employment in Thailand.

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7 hours ago, 2road said:

The recuiter just replied


"TEFL certificate is required"
Since the cost of TEFL is quite high (around $800 I estimate), and  will absorb many week ends, at this point I will evaluate offer from Vietnam that do not necessarily require a  TEFL in order to obtain a working visa
What is your opinion about this?

Your recruiter is lying. A TEFL certificate is not a requirement for you to teach in Thailand. A bachelor's degree (in anything) is required' preferably in Education, or a BA/BSc + graduate diploma. 


Some recruitment agencies get you to pay for their course then ''guarantee" you employment in a school....then you will be disheartened to find the teacher sitting next to you walked into the school off the street and gets 10K more a month than you. Yes many schools use recruiters and also advertise on their own. 


Look on www.ajarn.com or hit the ground and visit a number of schools and see what's available. You will learn in a month of teaching far more than what any book and a couple of demo classes will teach you.   

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