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Parts of Hua Hin hit by flash floods


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Parts of Hua Hin hit by flash floods



Picture: Daily News


HUA HIN:-- Parts of Hua Hin municipal area were hit by flash floods after several hours of heavy rain on Sunday evening.


Phetchkasem Road at Bor Fai, close to Hua Hin Airport was badly affected, when between 20 and 30cm of rain fell in just a couple of hours, Daily News reported.


Residents at more than 30 homes located close to Phetkasem Road Soi 2 were forced to move belongings to higher ground after flood water reached levels of 40cm.


Heavy rainfall and inadequate drainage were said to be the cause of the floods.


The construction of a new sewer by private contractors had not allowed flood water to flow naturally into the drainage system and resulted in roads and properties being flooded, claimed Daily News.


Source: Daily News

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