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Huge crowds continue to throng to the Grand Palace as future schedules announced

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Huge crowds continue to throng to the Grand Palace as future schedules announced



Picture: Thairath


BANGKOK: -- Huge crowds of mourners continue to throng to the Grand Palace in Bangkok where they remain though the day and night.


People dressed in respectful black from all over the country are to be found all around the walls of the palace even outside of the visiting hours of 8.30am to 4pm, reports Thairath


During those times the condolence book can be signed and people can pay homage to a picture of the departed king.


Now it has been announced that the palace will be open from October 28th onwards every day so that mourners can pay their respects to the body of the king. 


He will be lying in the Dusit Throne Hall and mourners will be permitted every day from 9am to 4pm. This will begin at 1pm on the 28th of October.


At this time Thais will be gathering to perform the highly respectful gesture of "tawai bangkhom" whereby the hands are raised to the forehead three times in a circular motion of homage to the departed monarch.


Large crowds continued to gather overnight on Tuesday especially at the Wiset Chaisri gate.


Volunteers were seen collecting litter, handing out food parcels and giving free motorcycle rides.


People were arranging candle tributes on the grass many in the shape of the Thai number nine numeral. His Majesty was the ninth king of the Chakri Dynasty.


Others were singing royal songs accompanied by trombone. People were in tears as they sang the familiar "Sansern Phra Boramee" by the walls of the palace.


Source: Thairath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-10-19

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