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Aussie tourist walking to Bangkok for His Majesty


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Aussie tourist walking to Bangkok for His Majesty



Picture: Thairath


BANGKOK: -- An Australian tourist is walking from Koh Samui to Bangkok clutching a picture of His Majesty. He intends to go to pay his respects to the departed king at the Grand Palace.


Michael Hamill, 46, told Thai Rath reporters on the Ban Nai - Khanorm road in Don Sak, Surat Thani that he had come to spend three months on Samui, report Thairath.


But when he heard the news about the death of the king he decided to start walking to the capital to show solidarity with the grieving Thai people. He reckons on walking 50 kilometers a day and arriving in about 15 days.


Michael, dressed in a black shirt and carrying a backpack, said that that people wanted to donate items to help him on his way but he has accepted nothing. He just wants to have his picture taken with Thais along the way.


His message to the Thai people was simple: "Stay strong and love each other".


Source: Thairath

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