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Stamp transfer to new passport & 90-D together

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I am on retirement visa for the first year and just obtained my new British passport. First 1-year extension will be March 2017 and my next 90-Day reporting which I always go to CW for is Nov 29. Should I

1. Do the usual 90-D reporting using the old passport which expires May 2015 only? OR

2. Transfer the visa stamp to new passport together with 90-D reporting next month (Nov)? Is so, can I do both at the same visit to CW and can I obtain 2 different queue tickets at the counter at the same time when I enter? If so, which counter do I go first? I normally go early at the front of the queue and my usual 90-D finishes in half an hour. OR

3. Transfer the stamp during the 1-year extension in March 2017 together.

Thanks for any advice.

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Number 2 is the best of your options. You will need to get 2 queue numbers. The stamp transfer will need to be done first.

Immigration suggests you do the transfer as soon as possible.

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