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Phuket police charge six with category 1 drug offenses


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Phuket police charge six with category 1 drug offenses

Phuket Gazette



Police raids over the past week turned up crystal meth and methamphetamine pills, netting six for category 1 drug offences. Photo: Winai Sarot


PHUKET: -- Phuket Provincial Police today announced the arrests of four men and two women for narcotics offences, in the latest illegal drug crackdown in the province. 

Yuttana Sulsabai, 48, was caught at his house in Tah Chat Chai in possession of 35 amphetamine (ya bah) pills last Tuesday. Police charged him with possession and intent to sell the illicit drugs.

Three men were arrested in the Chalong area on Thursday, including a 24-year-old man previously indicted for possession of category 1 drugs in January 2014. This time he was caught with less than half a gram (0.48g) of crystal methamphetamine (ya ice). 


Full story: http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Phuket-police-charge-six-category-drug-offenses/65762?desktopversion

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