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Flying A Dog From Thailand To Germany

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hi has anyone experience in sendin a dog from bangkok to germany? how is the procedure, which documents required and the cost?

thanks very much for any info :o

Yes, we've done it to Germany once & Holland twice (much the same regulations)

Firstly, to get out of Thailand your dog must be up to date with his rabies vaccines. The last one must have been done not less than 30 days before flying & not more than 3 months. To get into many European countries now the dog has to have tested positive for Rabies antibodies. But there is no lab in Thailand that does this test. So, what we have always done is get serum drawn & Fed-exed it to a lab in the country the dog is to be sent to. You can get details of these labs from the German equivalent of the Agriculture Dept. Once the blood test is successful, you can get the paperwork in order.

You will need to check the exact paperwork needed for Germany from the Agriculture Dept. On this side, I always use an agent. He's extremely good, arranges flight etc for you & charges a small fee for his work, on top of flight fee etc. Well worth not having to run around! PM me if you want his number.

I would recommend getting the dog microchipped, if not done already. Makes identification easier & some countries require it.

You will also need a flight cage (you have to measure your dog for this). It needs to be sturdy, big enough for him to stand & turn easily & it needs to be equipped with food dish & water bottle that can be filled from the outside, as it will be sealed in transit. The agent can help with purchase of this, or I believe you can buy them in Chatuchak.

Prices go by size & weight of the dog (including cage) and the airline you use. The dog usually goes as cargo or Excess baggage. Some airlines will only take 1 or 2 animals per flight, so you need to check that out. Again, agent is useful for all this.

The dog will need to be checked by vets at the airport before he flies. Never done it at the new airport, but at DM it was office hours only Mon-Fri, so not convenient for many flights. They do a general health check & check your paperwork. I think you pay 500 bt here. When that's finished, it's back to the cargo area to load your dog (if with an agent) or check him in yourself.

Hope that helps a little. If I can help any more, let me know

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