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Is it possible to get visa to stay in Myanmar ?


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Hi there, 

I am finding it very hard to get any information regarding my situation,the embassy in Bangkok doesn't even answer the phone. I am going to Myanmar around 14th November probably on e-visa. My partner is from Myanmar and she is returning there after a few years in Thailand. We were hoping to start a small business in Myanmar. Is this even possible ? Can I get a visa to stay in Myanmar? We are prepared to marry if necessary. Any info or link to info would be greatly appreciated. I am an Australian and British citizen.


bye for now, wangotango

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of course;

IF ur married legally u can get a long term visa ( a good friend of mine is married with kids and has one )

he lives in Mandalay


IF ur working for a business or teaching, u can get a business visa, this means u have a year visa but usually u need laeve every 70 days.


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