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Thaivisa survey: Half of expats have considered leaving Thailand in the last year


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Thaivisa survey: Half of expats have considered leaving Thailand in the last year


A Thaivisa survey has revealed that many expats in the kingdom are not happy.
In fact half of all expats have considered leaving the country over the last year.
And of the group that has considered leaving a whopping 84% said they are unhappier than when they first arrived.
The survey seems to represent a shift in opinion from earlier in the year when Thaivisa reported that most expats were happy with their lot.
Now particularly new arrivals seem to be more miserable. Some 38% of this group who had been in the country up to three years said they were unhappier.
A similar amount said they felt about the same as when they first arrived and only 23% professed themselves to be happier than when they arrived.
The average age of expats in the kingdom is also falling according to the survey. Before it was 55 and now it is more like 50 years old.
Under 60s expats who are working appear to be the least happy with many citing the cost of living as a reason for their troubles.
Bangkok and Pattaya remain the top places for expats while Hua Hin has experienced a surge from 6% to 11.4% of the total residing in Thailand. Udon has dropped from 3.3% to 1.75%.
Earlier in the year Thaivisa was criticized after a survey announced that expats were "blissfully happy" in the kingdom. Many people went onto the forum to say that this was not their experience on the ground.
The new results issued in October seem to confirm those sentiments.
Survey Stats:
  • 20% of this survey have been in Thailand for less than 3 years and this new group is over indexing towards retirees as opposed to a new generation of working expats coming through (versus sample averages)



  • Statistically, as an average, we are a little unhappier than when we first arrived here in Thailand

  • The under 60 year old working expat are the least happiest with 44% of this group saying they are unhappier versus sample average of 38%

    • This is driven by financial status 60% saying it has become either somewhat or very difficult to afford living in Thailand over the last 12 months (versus a 42% sample average)



  • Perhaps the biggest figure to take from this whole survey is that almost 1 in 2 expats have considered leaving Thailand over the last 12 months

  • 84% of those considering leaving say they are unhappier than when they first arrived in Thailand













-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-11-05



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I'm every year about half of expats consider leaving the country.


The long-term newbie with 5 years fall off their pink cloud. The long-term expats learn how to have an attitude of gratitude and accept things as they really are.


The main reason they are unhappier as they realize after a few years that the somewhat exotic dark-skinned Issarnite is not in fact desirable anymore.



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its the jumping through hoops thing that sticks up my craw, they like to take my money, i bet my monthy spends are  more 12 of your average thai,(probably more) if we all decided to up sticks one day (ok it aint gonna happen) this place would be bancrupt overnight,

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Sometimes I miss the homeland, or at least Europe, very much. More like-minded people, less deadly roads, no language barrier, Italian and French food, etc... but I'm pretty sure I don't miss it as much as I would miss Thailand and the Thais after 3 weeks there. 

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The pink filter is no longer clouding my eye's


Still like it here, but some stuff is probably better not knowing about if you want to stay happy.

Ignorance is bliss.


Maybe I have to stop reading what people post here on TV and I will be happier again :-)



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8 minutes ago, Just1Voice said:

we have a huge, big screen tv that probably hasn't been turned on in, ohhh, 2 years, other than my adopted son SOMETIMES watching football. It's more of a decoration piece in our huge entertainment center than a functioning piece of electronic equipment. lol



Lucky I had invested on a media player and torrents 6 years ago...?

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What would be of interest is the preferred destination of those who expressed the desire to leave Thailand...

This would be of great interest especially now. With immigration rules being tighten regularly and xenophobia on the rise. What options are there for an expat to live, work or retire else where in South East Asia?
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Any real suggestions what can be done to make expats happier with their lot!

I for one don't feel entirely secure with investing money in property etc. it's far too risky never having that good feel factor. All these people who profess they're living in Paradise need their heads examined if you ask me.

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