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One man arrested in slaying of three family members in Surat Thani


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One man arrested in slaying of three family members in Surat Thani

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Image: Daily News
SURAT THANI:-- Police have said they have arrested a man in connection with the death of three members of a family in Surat Thani.
Anurat Manwaja, 45, was at home watching TV with his wife Araya Pusing, 33, and their two year old daughter when at least two men arrived at the house.
The men are believed to be well known to the victims and were let into the house.
An argument erupted in which Anurat picket up a shovel to protect himself. This was wrenched from his grasp by his assailants and he was beaten to death in front  of his wife and child.
The mother then tried to flee the scene with the young child in her arms but both were hacked down in front of the house. They were all found dead at the scene.
A man has now been arrested after bloodstained clothing was found at another house. The clothing is being tested to see whose blood is on it.
Surat Thani police said that the killing was related to a dispute over money.


Source: Daily News



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