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Is British teacher wanted over murder of colleague in Burma hiding out in Thailand?


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Is British teacher wanted over murder of colleague in Burma hiding out in Thailand?



Harris Binotti. Image: Facebook


Police in Myanmar believe a 25 year old British man wanted in connection with the death of a colleague, also from Britain, could be hiding out in Thailand.


On Monday afternoon, officers revealed that Harris Binotti took a Thai Airways flight from Yangon International Airport to Suvarnabhumi on Nov 5.


However, AFP reported that police in Thailand have been unwilling to comment if the suspect remains in the country or visited in transit.


Officers also confirmed that Interpol have been asked to join the manhunt for Binotti, after his colleague Peter Gary Ferguson, 47, also from the UK was found with dead at Binotti’s apartment.


Police said that Binotti had not been seen since the pair had been drinking together in Rangoon on Saturday.


Mr Ferguson’s body was discovered on Sunday by his Thai wife, with whom he has a child, in the suspect’s apartment after he had failed to return home.



Peter Gary Ferguson. Image: Facebook


An officer in Rangoon told AFP they suspect Binotti carried out the attack.


“At the time they were together drinking. They were talking and fighting,” the officer said.


The two men had worked as English teachers at Horizon International School in Rangoon.


“We don’t know exactly what happened. They were together and they had been drinking and enjoying the night and after that he was found dead on Sunday morning.


“They were friends but they had been drinking. (Mr Binotti) is now missing and there is an investigation. We send our condolences to Mr Ferguson’s family”, spokesperson for the school told AFP.


A spokesperson for the Foreign Office confirmed the family of a British national is receiving support following a death in Rangoon.


A Facebook page belonging to Harris Binotti revealed he had also taught English in Cambodia.

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-11-07
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1 hour ago, little mary sunshine said:

Looks like a Psycho!!  What's with all the Brit thieves, murderers,

and trouble makers lately??  New bunch of Brit low-lives in Thailand?



I have to admit I have some difficulty with adults who pull faces, if that's what he's doing, for a pic.  It seems such an infantile thing to do.

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This story is identical to the Cambodian labourers in Pattaya stories which crop up with regularity.


They start off as colleagues become friends, go on all-night drinking session, argue and one kills the other one.


If I were the Thai police I would start looking on the building sites, this Binotti guy might be trying to blend in with the Cambo labourers. But I know the police here are wondering how to make a buck out of these events.

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New Brit low lifes.I thought that everybody already believed, that Brit English teachers in Asia were all low lifes.

As for Brit lowlifes in general,ive seen many a foreign national,debasing,embarrassing,throwing up and pissing themselves over here,and they werent all Brits.

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