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Hello,     I've been working on documenting disused/abandoned structures around Thailand for the past year or so via photo series', and am always on the lookout for new subjects.  There are

Kanchanaburi - Sai Yok National Park  

I didn't take this in Thailand, but it is certainly abandoned-building related, and I started this thread so hopefully that gives me some flexibility 🙂 . I just returned to Bangkok from a few weeks in

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4 hours ago, helbob said:

A temple in the jungle of south thailand, but nobody visit this building. Many times i saw the temple peak from a road 2km away and then i found the way. 





Is it a working or deserted temple helbob ?

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I am not sure, maybe it is not finished now because the concrete is not painted and without tiles. The dirt road looks like not used for long time. The temple area was not cleaned for a long time. 

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2 minutes ago, helbob said:

Old coconut powerplant in the forest





Very interesting, but did you mean that it was powered by old coconuts, or it was a powerplant used to process coconuts??


There was a time when woodchip power generators were going to be all the rage, but I don't think they caught on?

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