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Abandoned, Derelict, Decaying Locations Around Thailand

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Hello,     I've been working on documenting disused/abandoned structures around Thailand for the past year or so via photo series', and am always on the lookout for new subjects.  There are

Kanchanaburi - Sai Yok National Park  

I didn't take this in Thailand, but it is certainly abandoned-building related, and I started this thread so hopefully that gives me some flexibility 🙂 . I just returned to Bangkok from a few weeks in

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22 hours ago, diznax said:

Astonishing series, really. Loved it.

Would you share the GPS coordinates of this gas station? or at least define its location? I happen to live in this area when in the LOS, can't recall seeing it, would be curious to go take a look (and no, I won't take pictures, I'm a terrible photographer anyway)

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A very cool thread! When I lived in England as a teen we would go urban exploring to abandoned sites; one place was an old location that was something to do with the military I heard, it was surrounded by a big fence and inside was many different buildings. There was security always patrolling there and we went one night to sneak in, I got loads of adrenaline sneaking around trying to be stealth, at one point we thought we saw a light shining through the window at us and s*** ourselves! Was so fun!!!


Is there any places in or near Bangkok that you recommend are fun to go into

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