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Surat governor raids big boxing meet with soldiers - 1,200 call for their money back


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Surat governor raids big boxing meet with soldiers - 1,200 call for their money back



Picture: Thairath


SURAT THANI: -- The governor of Surat with a raiding party of 50 soldiers shut down a big boxing match in the province's central stadium last night.


He said that no permission had been granted to run the event.


A big sign outside said that the "Jao Thalee Thong" meet was being held under the auspices of a top local policeman. Other local officials and politicians were also involved in the charity event.


A crowd of 1,200 demanded their money back and the governor and his deputy stayed for two hours before everyone was satisfied.


Governor Uaychai Innark arrived 30 seconds into the second bout of the evening and took the microphone. 


He said he was shutting the event down because of violations related to lack of permission to run the event and betting ordinances.


Along with deputy governor Suphachai Sakda, he waited on stage while the organisers argued about giving the money back. 


Finally agreement was reached to refund 400 baht to men, 300 baht to women and 100 baht for each child in attendance.


The governor was backed up by 50 soldiers from a local fort.


The event in an area at the central Surat Thai sports stadium featured several well known Muay Thai boxers. Many local bigwigs were involved but apparently permission to hold the event had not been granted.


Source: Thairath

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-11-18
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well it is anyones guess as to what is really going on here but it sounds like someone was left out in the cold and is reasserting their authority.......in other words it was about ........money

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1. That must have returned shedloads of happiness to the boxing fans of Surat.


2.  The Governer must have been very keen on the money being "redistributed" to have got involved personally.


3.  Is it a requirement to have a head that sticks out at the back to be a Military Policeman in Thailand?

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