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A few questions KHON KAEN


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17 hours ago, GOLDBUGGY said:

Thanks for the Home Pro tip on a mattress. I have been looking for one to for years, but never thought to look their. Anybody know if there is one in Udon Thani with the same Pillow Top Mattress? 

Two big home stores on the right hand side of HWY 2  on the way to Nong Khai , just north of the bypass.  Central Mall also.  Don't forget to look at the real Lazy Boy recliners at central too. I bought an off brand from home pro first and it jammed up in one month. I got the fabric Lazy Boy that reduces the price buy 10,000 baht and I love it. They only have leather in store but their delivery service is really good and they make you sign all the warranty stuff when they deliver. I have a friend who had his reupholstered free of charge a couple years after as one piece of fabric did not match right. Good luck.

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Preschool  - check out Mataneedol. They go from Headstart to G6. Classes in the Kindergarten range  (K1,2,3) are split in two by age. The younger half in A and the older half in B. Each class has both a Thai and Western home room teacher. Our twins are in K3B  they are doing well in Thai and have mastered the alphabet and numbers. Wish I could say the same for myself.


Dental  KKU has a clinic in the center near one of the bus stations [not the one closest to Prachasamoson Road]. Pediatric dentist is there on Saturdays.


Books   Asia Books as mentioned then there is Kinokuniya in Bangkok which will ship. Lots of kids books in English n their web site. Also consider getting a Kindle.


NonO extension  go to Immigration they will give you a list of the requirements in English. Home inspection when it happens can come with as little as 45 minutes advance notice. Our plans to use the moobaan sales rep and security guard were nixed as they had to each reside in the same area as us. The inspector solved this by taking my wife to the village official who vouched for me. We brought him a nice basket of fruit a few days later.

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23 hours ago, malt25 said:

When you are ready for some books, check out...    http://www.dasabookcafe.com/

They have a tremendous range, all catalogued on XL spread sheet. Included are instructions how to order.

I've used them several times. Very fast & efficient & prices extremely reasonable.

Hope this helps.

Cheers.....     Mal.


Glad to endorse everything you say about Dasa, Mal.

I have used Dasa Books since their early start-up days of mail order;  never had any problems, either in costs or delivery.

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On 19/11/2016 at 4:30 PM, al007 said:

1.  I need a pediatric dentist?  Any recommendations are most appreciated.


Most hospitals even the small ones have dentists there a lot of the time, My wife and her children go there at BangFang 20 kms west of KK, and best of all its almost free

Not if you need false teeth or a brace!

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On 20/11/2016 at 3:13 PM, khunbillmex said:

KKU Dental clinic is located on Ammat Rd in the KKU Community Outreach Center

Stay miles away from them unless you are a pauper, they are a hit or a miss with students let loose on your teeth.

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Dentist, we take our child to one across from Fairy Plaza, Modern Dentist. Schools: have Mantadeedol, Penbury, Khon Kaen International school, KKVS, all have English and Thai speaking teachers. Visa,  KK immigration in my opinion are extremely helpful and efficient. Done 2 visas there plus 90 reporting and in and out pretty quick. Have a run up there with your missus and they will tell you everything you need. 

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On 11/19/2016 at 10:12 PM, Surasak said:

At a price!?


      Ugh , try Aek Udon ,   @ a big price . 

                I can not afford to be sick in LOS . 


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3.  Tutor for my 7 year old, must have masters degree in education.
Are you new to the area? Just asking as I think you may be setting your sights a bit high. Do you mean private tutor?
4.  a pre school for my three year old.  She only speaks English.
There is a bilingual school there. Not sure if they do pre school. At 3 years old she will have no problem picking up Thai very quickly. Are you planning on staying in Thailand for the long haul? If so a Thai speaking school with some English would be better.

Any idea of the costs per child?
I am possibly moving to kk and have a 7 yr old Thai girl with better English than Thai as she lived abroad with us for past 4 years. She understands most thai but is pushed to reply and usually reverts to English.
My 3 yr old boy speaks English and has jus started learning Thai. So it's a worry for us that they can get a decent school that won't cost the earth.

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