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The anti-Trump resistance takes shape: 'Government's supposed to fear us'


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48 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

Jim Crow south?

Political correctness is traced back to Marxist Bolshevism to keep the working class in it's place from speaking out/rising up. You a fan of that type of thing?

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The bookies have lost a huge amount of money and the countries that have paid in advance will be very disappointed. It is quite obvious that the rabid democrats are now also miserable bitter people. I think refunds will not be available. Read em and weep.

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They gave a guy a chance back in Germany, how'd that turn out?

"Make america great again." I believe the correct phrase is Make America White Again.


All one has to do is look at his picks so far. If one cannot understand the meaning of the racist homophobic, bigoted, war mongering, anti-Constitution picks then, hmmm that person must believe the same way.


And yes, the government needs to fear us, but they have feared the left for many, many years. Anybody remember COINTELPRO? I damn well do, all to well.


"Remember Kent State (nevermind, before your time)."

I damn well do. I gave an anti-American War in Vietnam speech there not long after. Talked to many of the students involved, including Vietnam Vets that were on the receiving end of the murders. Those guardsmen should have been prosecuted for murder and whoever really gave the order to murder should have also, but I'm afraid that went just a bit too high up the ladder. Are you saying the military needs to start shooting us again? Sounds like it. USMC Sgt-Vietnam 1966/67-Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

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2 hours ago, connda said:

If any of the cultural Marxists haven't noticed yet, Trump isn't in office and has not issued any orders executive or otherwise.  For those hoping for a revolution, I'm thinking that perhaps it's wise to be careful what you wish for.  Free speech is protected; violence is not.  But however it sorts itself out, I'm quite happy to no longer live there.  Enjoy playtime kids.  Remember Kent State (nevermind, before your time).  :sleep:




Minorities and minority voices are continually being executed and suppressed by armed State officials. Nothing new there since Kent State. Besides the protests were an expression of public feeling and was a major factor, if not the major factor in ending America's involvement in the Vietnam War.


But hey, why not advocate for protestors to be shot. Beats having to deal with their issues I guess.

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4 hours ago, IAMHERE said:

Yes, and these are the guys that got upset when Trump said he may not like the outcome if he thought it was rigged. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the liberal hooligans and elitist thugs are all upset because they didn't win. Well they should have done a better job of rigging. Four years they'll get another shot at it. There wasn't this much rioting when the first black got elected president.

Follows in the same vein as Brexit. The next day people in America woke and said "My God What Have I Done" Oh well the next four years should be exiting. If the Donald does not deliver its goodbye to all 3 houses forever. And then there is this.  The assassination of Julius Caesar was the result of a conspiracy by many Republican senators. Funny how Trump seems to resemble Caesar. 

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2 hours ago, Retiredandhappyhere said:

People are blaming Trump for everything while forgetting that he does not become President until January 20th.  Forget both Hilary's and Trump's rhetoric during the campaigning and give the guy a chance.  If things go belly-up in the first few months, then you can start to complain.

First few months?  He'll be testing the waters then.  Expect hell and fury later in 2017.  Hope the hell and fury is reserved for the gullible white trash in the mid west and those dumbed down pockets of the U.S.A and not so much for those of us in the rest of the civilised world.

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5 hours ago, Jingthing said:

What does that mean? What era do you dream of regressing back to?


The era when nobody was called a racist or hateful during a simple debate. 


It makes any logical discussion impossible. 

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Note, I had changed the word resistance which I knew in my heart was what was happening now, to opposition, to soften it, because some people were spinning the word resistance to necessary connote violence. It does not. Resistance can be NON-VIOLENT.


The word resistance can't be avoided any longer. It's cropping up EVERYWHERE to describe this new movement, that started the moment the absurdly unfit for president demagogue trump crossed the 270 mark. It's the only word that fits and is true. 


President trump? Yes, tragically, we need to get used to it.

Resistance to President trump, yes, HOPEFULLY, we need to get used to that TOO.




Why Jews have a special obligation to resist Trump


Half a century ago, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote, “Let us yield no inch to bigotry, let us make no compromise with callousness.” As leaders of Jewish organizations committed to human rights, we believe that if ever there were a moment to commit to making no compromises with callousness, that moment must be now.


Our history has taught us that autocracy does not arrive all at once, but through the slow erosion of individual liberties and the pitting of one group against another. We cannot look away or hope for the best when politicians promise to assault our civil liberties and threaten human rights.






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I am trying to wrap my head around a typical member of the Resistance.


Is it someone who soends all their time unemployed and camped out on a forum such as this collecting subsidized Obamacare (or hoping to when they arrive in the US) ?


I don't understand who all these protesters are and why they are not at a job "earning" a living.


Why do they have time to "Resist" but no time to have simply voted?


Can someone from the Resistance please enlighten me?


I am trying to see if I have any common ground with them at all.



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