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First "zero dollar tours" now "zero cost" flights!


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First "zero dollar tours" now "zero cost" flights!



Picture: Daily News


A Vietnamese airline has announced that it is giving away free tickets.


The tickets are for flights from December 1st this year until the end of December 2017 on Vietjet. The company said the "zero" baht cost starting point would apply to some 300,000 tickets from Vietnam to Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar.


Customers can only reserve between noon and 2pm tomorrow, Thursday and Friday this week, November 23rd to 25th.


To avail yourself of the deal you can log onto www.vietjetair.com or on smartphones at www.m.vietjetair.com. The company can also be accessed using Facebook at www.facebook.com/vietjetthailand (then click the reservation tab).


Source: Daily News

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2016-11-22
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1 hour ago, acid thunder said:

They're not totally free are they?  Still have to pay the taxes.


Yep, Cebu Pacific has been plying this scam for years.  When you go on their website to book the "free" ticket, it actually costs more than the typical economy fare.

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Plus the price of water tripled and they are charging for toilet paper too.

They've learned alot from AirAsia and are getting jealous.

Trouble is, AirAsia aint' worth flying for free - almost.

In any case, bring your own water and toilet paper.

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On 11/22/2016 at 3:54 AM, dcsw53 said:

Tickets are free.

Seats cost extra USD 60 / flight, and there is an access charge to board the plane of USD 50 / flight.  :cheesy:

And of course, if you wanna bring any luggage on board that would be an extra 40-50 bucks. Then there's the charge of 100 dollars to get OFF the plane at your destination...AND...if you want to get your luggage off the plane also...an extra fifty bucks.

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