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Evaluate my photo of Bali beach


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Hi, it is great doing panoramas as I can see you do. Take all my points with a grain of salt.


1. It is over exposed and under exposed. Your highlights (whites of the clouds and water foam) are close to blowing out. The pandanas (?) plant on the upper left is under exposed. There is no detail in it. It is important to have detail in that as you have made it one of the lead in features to take your eye further into the image. Unfortunately it is in shadow.


2. That outcrop on the right hand side is offering nothing to the image. It is distracting and I would have cropped it out. It is better exposed that the tree on the upper left, though. In general you have tried to cram in too much into the image with the foreground items in the left lower, left upper and right lower.


3. I know you mentioned you stitched this but the horizon looks uneven and doesn't seem to be horizontal.


4. You have over sharpened or added far too much clarity (lightroom feature). Less is definitely more.


5. I think I know what you are trying to do with the extra saturation to get the bluer than blue skies. You need to purchase a circular polarizing filter (CP Filter). Less than $100 US will get you a reasonable one. If you get a large size such as 77mm or 82mm you can use reducer rings to use it on lenses with a smaller diameter. Look here for a quick intro. https://petapixel.com/2018/09/04/when-and-how-to-use-a-polarizing-filter/


They really are one of the few add ons that an inexpensive, in regard to camera gear, and add a lot to your work. I think after using the CP, your oversaturation issues will disappear.


Now that above all sounds a bit rough,  but you have found a good location for an image. You have a fair image that needs cropping. Keep enjoying your work. You might like to try a similar image about 30 minutes before sunset to get some warm colours for a change in image type.


You could also look at an inexpensive wide angle lens. I don't know what body you have, but you might even be able to find a manual exposure lens. It will save time on the stitching. To stitch effectively you need to either a new body with stitching features and a fair tripod that is leveled and preferably has a rack to maintain direction.


Thanks for sharing the image.


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