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What do you do here that you'd never (probably never) do back home?

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Quote !!!!! from the helmsman  Drive on the wrong side of the road, double park, drive with truck bed full of people on a road trip, buy a new vehicle with no heater,


sounds like Thailand has no hope of getting any better. if most of the comments by members talk about them selves breaking the laws . how are the Thai people going to learn to do anything different 

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I know someone is going to say it and everyone else will groan, so thought I'd get it out of the way:


Meet a girl who in looks was way above my station in life, and has a personal work/respect/behavioural ethic that is enviable in any part of the world.


I made a couple of false starts in meeting someone I have to admit, and also had my spell of  'pay per play' as a newbie where I wasn't looking for a relationship.  I look back at my own country and other countries like it in the west and have to wonder what it is that people think when they learn to accept their partners.  I was quite prepared to spend my life alone and don't mind my own company, so at least I wasn't leaking desperation, and honestly quite surprised that anyone could add such value to my life (not without its fair share of pain at times I must add, when the going got tough).


I have the relatively rare distinction as a 'farang' of being #2 in the family (after Grandpa), and for once, not below the soi dog.  Not the majority can say that hand on heart.


Other things: After getting over the shock of seeing a cow in a gas station on day one and freaking out while all others around me thought it was normal (it's normal to me too now), or disbelieving how many people could fit on a Honda Wave......I am just a short hop from the mountains or from the sea by aircraft, rent that would be 1 night in a city hotel back home, and ....something I would never have talked about back home...the price of a can of baked beans!?! What the...  89 baht vs 4x for GBP 1 (and many other examples).  I wonder why some enterprising husband/wife team here with facilities don't make some farang food in Thailand and make a killing.  I guess cheese and wine are out, but tinned stuff, or a brown sauce alternative are well within the range of doable.


[dribbling morning verbal mutterings endeth here...yes it was a big night out Friday].

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I would not have gotten married at 48 to a 20 year old pretty woman and had a Son at the age of 50. Although I guess that could have happened in Indonesia, too.


I like that I can 'drift' into the next lane when I'm driving and not have to worry about being pulled over for a DWI / DUI check nor ticketed for Improper Lane Change. In my birth country and probably yours, the police seem to be on an awards, promotion system for who can bring in the most tickets. Almost never a warning.

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