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The Koh Chang Experience

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I was living in the Island long time ago...lovely and quiet place, but last year spent two week with family in high season and china just conquered this place.. whatever, I will come back.

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Nice one beach and Kaibae hut resort have a good prices and quality, about 1.400Bth. including houses for long term rental around this area.

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I always visit Koh Chang in late October since the rates double on Nov 1st where I usually stay.





There was some rain but not a lot, two days out of six were overcast.




I spent most of my time at the resort but also took a short walk to the Walking Street at Kae Bae, about a 15-20 minute walk from my resort. 


There were a few eateries along the way.




My room cost a little more




The Chang Mai Church was on the way




Finally, Walking Street at the Sky Bar




It was late afternoon, not much going on yet





There were many new bars since my last visit, including Easy Going, Mary Jane's Rasta Pub, Wan's, and Marks.  This is starting to rival the bar area at White Sands.








Captain Morgan's Pirate Pub has been closed for a while now




Just further south, Ciao Italian restaurant is for sale




After my visit, I took the Bang Bao speedboat to Koh Kood for 900.  Twin Yamaha outboards and still no life jackets.




Out of Bang Bao Harbor and onto my destination in less than two hours, after a brief stop at Koh Mak. 



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On 1/8/2017 at 2:04 PM, Katia said:

Thank you!  Helpful to know for an upcoming trip.


On shared minibus transfer from Trat to island-- how many companies offer this?  I seem to have seen several, but I also seem to recall having read on one site that Bangkok Airways operates the only transfer bus (I've read so many sites over the past few weeks that I can't keep track of what I read where anymore, sorry), so I can't tell if other sites I've seen are actually separate companies, or just booking services for the airline-run bus.  Are most of the companies pretty reputable?  Others seem to be cheaper when booked in advance than the airline-run service, but obviously I'm not going to trade good service or safety to save a hundred baht (I also imagine there's more leeway with the airline's service if, say, a flight is delayed or canceled and I miss the last ferry to the island).

The ferry won't leave until the last flight is in and the people transferred to the pier... at least that's what used to be the general rule .... 

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Thanks for the report, the great pictures and also to other contributors and their pictures. Cheers. 

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Wonderful write up and pics.  Thanks much!

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Here are some photos from the east coast of koh chang, the side tourists usually ignore.  It's much more quiet and serene but there are still a few resorts there.














There's a small fishing village in the far southeastern corner.  You can see Bang Bao about a km away but I don't know a road that leads there, or even a foot path.  Otherwise, it takes an hour to circle the island on motorbike.



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